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Textile, Fiber, Mixed Media and more

About the Artist:

Lynn Majidimehr is a mixed media artist who creates textile art, jewelry, and various pieces of artwork.  She has sewn and been interested in art since she was young, and most of her creative time is spent making textile art and quilts, although she also enjoys working in many other mediums.  All these different interests keep her busy creating things she loves and trying to find a way to combine them.  Some of her most recent quilts are a fusion of quilt and painting, where the design comes alive when they are combined.  She teaches, and also started her pattern company, LAM Designs, in 2003.

Her textile art and quilts have intensive machine quilting on them using various threads that are available now.  However, occasionally she still makes “traditional” all cotton quilts that may or may not be hand quilted and crazy quilted projects, as well as modern quilts in which just about anything is fair game.  She will use the thread and fabric that have the right color, texture, weight or sparkle that “fits” the quilt, with the quilting included in the design.  There is always the possibility of adding embellishments the quilt calls for.  As far as she is concerned, “a quilt is “finished” when I’m happy with the way it looks, and it isn’t telling me that it needs something else”.

Over time, she has learned to look fabrics and materials differently, she has learned to dye fabrics and threads and will leave a piece of hand-dyed fabric on a wall just to look at, and think about, until she knows how she wants to use it.  For example, fabric may look like water after it is dyed, and it will hang on the wall, gradually having other pieces, shapes pinned to it in collage form until it is ready to be sewn into an underwater paradise.  Other fabrics may be unusual and hang on the wall until they “talk” to her, especially those that she has hand dyed or painted.

Juried Shows

2008 Pacific Northwest Quiltfest, Seattle Washington

2008 Quilts: A World of Beauty, Houston Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas


Published Work

Flower Show Quilts book, released in October 2010 by That Patchwork Place

Harvest Gathering Quit Pattern, Quilt Sampler Magazine, 2004 Premier Fall Issue p. 54